OpenWeb Integrates With LiveRamp To Focus On Conversations

OpenWeb, a conversation platform, has integrated with LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) to give publishers, as the companies puts it, independence from cookies.

Think about OpenWeb's purpose, which makes the partnership unique. It’s a social engagement platform that builds online communities around digital content.

Advertisers and agencies typically pay LiveRamp to onboard data such as email addresses of people they would like to target with ads. LiveRamp partners with demand-side platforms that operate programmatic ad marketplaces where advertisers buy ads targeting the identified audiences. Conversations haven't been part of the scenario. 

The OpenWeb and LiveRamp partnership aims to provide publishers with methods to activate registered audiences and harness first-party data through addressability. More than 130 partners have signed up to take advantage of the integration

“As brands look to become less reliant on third-party cookies and other identity solutions, our partnership with LiveRamp creates more publisher-direct opportunities for brands, especially with tier one publishers that have rich data and insights of their premium audiences,” said Dor Hershkovich, vice president of revenue at OpenWeb, which relies on conversation to turn engagements into loyal users.

The idea is to match authenticated inventory with the advertiser’s demand while supporting consumer privacy. LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) enables addressability across cookieless environments including Safari and Chrome.

LiveRamp has been particularly aggressive in its quest to coax publishers to adopt its identity product, even name-dropping brands that the company claims have committed to spending on identified audiences.

With the elimination of cookies and privacy changes from Apple based on iOS 14.5, the partnership aims to provide a more accurate way match the advertiser targeting criteria and consumers, ensuring contextually relevant advertising and better user experience, Hershkovich said.

The data will provide advertisers with unique insights to serve contextual ads, based on the content users interact with on a publisher’s site. Advertisers, in theory, will achieve better addressable reach using deterministic user data on the open web and scale their marketing campaigns in brand-safe environments.

LiverRamp also recently announced the appointment of Omar Tawakol to its board of directors. Tawakol brings experience in enterprise cloud and data management as vice president and general manager of Cisco Systems, as well as a previous role as senior vice president of Oracle’s Data Cloud division.

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