Most U.S. Consumers Are Concerned About App Privacy: Study

Consumers are nervous about their privacy, particularly when it comes to apps, judging by a study from API management platform Axway. 

For instance, 74% think Apple and other tech companies should block advertisers from tracking their activity. 

In addition, 76% feel mobile apps should specify how they are tracking their activity and preferences across different apps and websites. And 80% say apps should request permission to do so. Only 15% feel they shouldn’t, and 5% are not sure. 

Shoppers would seem to approve of Apple’s recent launch of iOS 14.5, its new App Tracking Transparency framework. 

Consumers are most concerned about these personal data points:

  • Browser history — 53% 
  • Location tracking —  51%) 
  • Ad tracking — 38% 
  • Past purchases — 38%
  • In-app settings and permissions — 36%
  • Alexa or Siri tracking — 32%



Only 39% would give permission to allow mobile apps and advertisers to track them. Another 39% would allow it, and 22% are not sure. 

However, 52% would allow such tracking if given the option to opt out, and 32% would not. In addition, 16% are not sure. 

Apple’s recent move is “disruptive, yes, but we can also look at it as forcing good decisions about communicating user data,” says Shawn Ryan, vice president, vision and strategy, office of the CTIO at Axway. And that is good for building trust, creating a more positive experience for consumers.”  

Ryan adds, “Trust can be your competitive edge here, because those that already have a good trust level with their customers may be less disrupted in the next few months.”

Axway surveyed 1,017 consumers between April 17-19, 2021.

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