Microsoft Search Volume Identifies Post-Pandemic Trends

Microsoft Advertising released data Monday that aims to clear up some misconceptions about keywords and topics, and will provide advertisers with insights into post-pandemic trends.

Data shows that in April 2021, U.S. consumers have a new sense of hope. As more people are vaccinated, gatherings have begun to increase as re-opening measures have begun after the pandemic lockdown.

Analysts compared search acceleration trend data for the state with the fewest remaining lockdown restrictions -- Iowa -- against the state with the largest remaining amount of lockdown restrictions -- Virginia. Here’s what they found.

Data shows a major increase in weddings this year. Iowa, for example, shows a much larger spike in wedding queries than Virginia for searches such as “wedding guestbooks” -- about 250% vs. 33%.



The search term “wedding invitations” shows a similar spike, respectively -- 49% vs. +22% -- while “wedding supply and equipment rentals” shows a spike of 74% vs. 41%.

Microsoft data shows similar trends for queries related to the search terms “flower garden and home shows,” “BBQs and grills,” and “golf clubs.”

The data shows that people will spend more time outdoors in the coming months, but also indicates a return to the office, which puts them in the mood for an expanded wardrobe.

Iowa has seen a 35% increase in searches for “dress shirts” and 28% increase in “employment offer letters,” while “home based business opportunities queries” dip to -26%. The shift in queries indicates a return to the office.

An increase in traffic to brick-and-mortar stores is also expected. In a survey conducted by Suzy and Microsoft Advertising, the 2021 Consumer Trends Report, Microsoft found “47% of respondents feel it’s more important than ever to support local retailers over chains/big box stores.”

Despite an increase in gasoline prices, consumers will begin to travel more -- especially in cars. Microsoft is seeing a slight increase in travel searches with the rise of vaccinations, and expects to see a bigger uptick in vacation planning this summer, especially for road trips.

Queries that have increased during the last four months include “vans and minivans,” “campsites and campgrounds,” and “car DVD players.”

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