Clinch $10M Funding Strengthens Personalization Roadmap Without Cookies

Clinch on Thursday announced it has received $10 million in Series A funding, led by investment firm D Squared Capital.

The company, which provides AI-driven omnichannel personalization to companies like Anheuser Busch InBev, Nespresso, and Chewy, will use the funding to continue to expand globally and further drive the upcoming launch of its next generation of data-driven solutions, built for a world without third-party cookies.

Oz Etzioni, CEO at Clinch, said there is also a growing demand for a unified omnichannel personalization solution that replaces the need for multiple niche partners that have narrow focused specialization such as display or video.

“It serves as a logistical nightmare for the stakeholders that have to manage several different platforms, operations and relationships,” he said.



Etzioni said through the pandemic the company launched thousands of omnichannel campaigns for Fortune 1000 brands across all types of industries, each facing their own challenges that required complex solutions. 

Clinch took the opportunity during the pandemic to leverage the learnings and break them down into an actionable roadmap to expand on what he calls omnichannel personalization.

“We soon will launch the next generation of Clinch that provides more efficiency, creative automation, omnichannel activation and advanced optimization, these are the most important components of any digital media activation at this time,” he said.

He expects the outcome of the roadmap and funding will prove to advertisers the path to take. It’s all about consumer intelligence and video commerce.

‘We truly believe video is the biggest driver for commerce,” he said.

The pandemic accelerated change for every application of tech, and made quality personalization a necessity.

How did the pandemic change Clinch?

  • Acceleration: 3-5 years ahead in terms of demand, market readiness and understating of the importance of omnichannel execution
  • Expertise in providing dynamic creative and personalization for retailers and CPG mostly around online groceries hyper-localization, retail media and commerce
  • Growth - Our business doubled in size and is expected to more than double again by end of 2021
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