SmartBrown Marketing Becomes LeadCoverage

Lead-generation firm SmartBrown Marketing no longer exists — by that name. The company has rebranded itself as LeadCoverage.  

Founded in 2017 by Kara Brown and Will Haraway, the company specializes in supply chain, technology, and warehousing. It also offers lead-generation services, including email and social conversion,marketing and sales alignment, perfecting tech stacks, SEO and sales accountability.

“Last year we expanded into new relevant markets with strategic client acquisitions, quick tactical adjustments and were able to engage top-level talent amidst a pandemic,” says Brown, who serves as CEO of LeadCoverage.  

“Our team is rapidly expanding and our clientele base is continuing to grow upstream," Brown says, adding that this has driven high inbound conversion rates and generated new business.

LeadCoverage was named one of "Atlanta’s 2021 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For."



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