Tremor Launches Unified Social Data Solution

Programmatic video platform Tremor Video has launched an all-screen, unified social data solution in partnership with ICX Media, a provider of data-driven video content and analytics solutions.

The solution enables unifying social data typically constrained to social platforms into one data set, eliminating siloed, by-channel buys, according to Tremor.

Unified Social Data — part of Tremor’s data management platform — can reach more than 85 million U.S. consumer profiles, blending social engagement and demographic data, across the walled-garden social platforms, according to the company. 

Advertisers can activate the solution for connected TV and all-screen video campaigns via managed service, self-service, or private marketplaces. 

Capabilities include building audiences at 1:1 scale without the need for cookies; gaining target-audience insights; and uncovering reach opportunities within verticals, per Tremor.



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