SMS For SMBs: Keap Offers Automated Texting Tool

Entrepreneurs who want to supplement — or replace — their email marketing programs can turn to SMS, using a new tool from marketing automation software provider Keap. 

The new service includes an automated text-messaging capability and a broadcast texting feature with built-in compliance, the company says. 

"Our goal is to make text marketing as easy as possible, and built-in compliance was a key factor,” states Rajesh Bhatia, CTO of Keap. “With this new functionality we are confident that our customers will see improved communication and lead conversion."  

The firm contends, although it has not shown proof, that email open rates have fallen -- now averaging 21%, while texting produces 94%. And it adds that 90% of text messages are read within three minutes, versus 48 hours for email. 



Text and email should work together, as they serve different needs. Texts are immediate and unavoidable. Emails are longer, and tend to present more complex information. 

That said, Keap notes that its automated text-messaging tool brings all text capabilities into a single platform. 

Users can communicate with select specific lists or create segmented lists by tag, all in compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the company says. Users can track opt-in status and customize opt-in messages. 


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