Semcasting Advances Employee-Based Title Targeting

Semcasting, an identity resolution company, announced the release of an employee-based title business-to-business (B2B) targeting solution that combines natural-language processing and automated classification of titles, roles and experience.

Rather than seed the funnel with keywords to chase website visits, defining this as intent, Semcasting’s prebuilt database is based on actual roles and responsibilities of decision makers.

Semcasting CEO Ray Kingman believes the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed systemic gaps in the data and the cost of the traditional B2B marketing funnel such as search, account-based marketing title, and intender targeting.

These tactics have become infinitely more fragmented and decentralized. In-store sales or reaching corporate buyers in their offices have become impractical, if not impossible.

This technology is important to B2B marketers who want to reduce wasted media spend. They can use this offering to engage with employees and decision makers based on actual roles and responsibilities.

“Adequate scale in various B2B and ABM siloed tactics have been consistent problems for B2B marketing regardless of the target industry,” said Ray Kingman when asked to cite the biggest trend this technology solves.

The tool, in the company’s Designer (ADS) Data Center, supports deterministic profiles for more than 74 million employees by title with links to their office and their homes. Through ADS, a marketer can refine a target audience by professional title and seniority, as well as by consumer profile and interests.

The company said that for the first time B2B marketers can programmatically execute B2B campaigns to be pre-qualified with full transparency to who they want to reach.

Semcasting applied an approach to digital identity based on hashed emails, personal mobile devices, corporate networks IPs, home WiFi targeting, and connected TV identifiers.

Marketers can now fill the top of any campaign funnel with a fully pre-qualified audience at scale before they spend a dime on media. 

Semcasting’s constellation approach to identity resolution provides match rates average more than 85% or better to first-party customer relationship management lists. For every employee and title there is an average of three or more digital touch points.

First-party data and digital IDs are controlled by the brand or their marketing company. Leveraging a clean-room matching process to anonymous DSP IDs, Semcasting's self-serve platform allows brands to control their own data, and customer data can never be copied, retained or shared. Semcasting ADS is a cookie-free matching process that links directly to most major media platforms protecting user privacy and further reducing the scale obstacles that have plagued B2B onboarding.

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