Google App Gets 'Personal Results' Search Setting On Android

Personalized search results have been touted by Google for some time, but now there is a tab that users can click on to see them, based on the person's personal account. 

The “Personal results” feature and sparkle icon follows a feature it launched at the beginning of the month titled “Hide explicit results.” The feature allows the user to choose whether the Search query can serve up personalized results based on information in a person's Google Account.

Google will automatically fill in any searches that seem related to a previous search, as reported by 9To5Google. Google tells users this is to help them “pick up where you left off.”

The data includes personal answers based on info in the person’s Google Account, like “my flights” from Gmail or “directions home” from Maps, according to the report.

It also includes recommendations based on activity in the person’s Google Account, like Discover stories, “what to watch,” or “where to eat.”

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