Braze Offers New Engagement Tools And Expands Partnerships

Engagement platform Braze has added several features, including an email visualization tool, in an effort to help brands react to an ever-shifting privacy landscape and build experiences based on first-party data, the company announced on Tuesday. 

Some of the changes are based on partnership updates. For example,

Braze Currents, a data streaming product, is now linked with with Amazon EventBridge. The EventBridge Currents Connector collects customer preferences, attributes, and feedback as part of a mobile or web experience, the firm says.  

In addition, Currents -- Braze’s cross-channel customer journey tool -- is now integrated with Braze Alloys partners Appsflyer, RudderStack and TreasureData. The goal is to provide brands with a more unified view of their customers, and insight into how their engagement strategies are working.  

The expanded RudderStack partnership will provide a “bi-directional and continuous data loop which will lead to stronger customer experiences, higher retention rates and increased lifetime value,” states Soumyadeb Mitra, founder and CEO at RudderStack. 

And Braze has enhanced Canvas with a new function called Canvas Action Paths. This sends users on different journey paths based on actions they have taken in a given time frame, the company says. 

The new email feature -- Inbox Vision, which is now part of Braze’s Drag-and-Drop Email Editor -- allows brands to view emails as they would appear in different email and mobile devices. 

Furthermore, there are new Global Email Style Settings that enable firms to select and store default colors and fonts for emails composed in HTML or in the Drag-and-Drop Editor. 

“The recent iOS changes are the first of many privacy updates that technology platforms will implement in order to protect consumers,” says Kevin Wang, senior vice president of Product at Braze. “These product updates are designed to help brands build out first-party data infrastructure capabilities, which will promote long-term sustainable business growth.”

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