CTV Ad Platforms Forecast To Grow To $14.44 Billion, Hulu With Leading Share

In the connected TV space, this year’s business will grow 38% to $14.4 billion -- up from $9.04 billion a year ago, says eMarketer.

Hulu is projected to lead in terms of individual platforms -- up 44% to $3.13 billion versus a year ago. YouTube is close behind, expected to gain 63% to $2.54 billion.

Connected TV advertising revenues are defined by eMarketer as only digital advertising appearing on CTV devices -- in-stream video ads on platforms such as Hulu, Roku and YouTube, as well as display ads that appear on home screen.

This does not include network-sold inventory from linear TV or addressable TV advertising that might appear on these platforms, per eMarketer. In addition, these are net revenues after platforms pay traffic acquisition costs to partner sites.



Roku is estimated to come in at $1.58 billion in CTV advertising, with ViacomCBS’ Pluto at $760 million and the Fox Corp.-owned Tubi at $470 million. Other CTV platforms collectively are expected to total $5.96 billion.

Roku, Pluto and Tubi will all see near or just over 100% growth in the connected TV advertising versus 2020.

Some $19.10 billion in total connected TV advertising is projected for 2022 and $24.21 billion in 2023, according to eMarketer.

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