ActiveCampaign Debuts Product To Automate Sales Engagement

ActiveCampaign has introduced a new tool for automating the customer lifecycle. 

The new offering, Sales Engagement Automation, allows brands to send one-to-one sales emails from their preferred email provider, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and iCloud, next to emails in broader marketing campaigns.

Sales Engagement Automation unifies sales and marketing data to make it more actionable, states Jason VandeBoom, founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign.

"The majority of businesses don't have separate marketing and sales teams, and having separate tools for these functions just makes it more difficult to grow their business,” VandeBoom says.

In addition, Sales Engagement Automation is integrated across channels allowing for alignment across marketing messaging, one-to-one emails, video, chat and voice. 

"Since we've started using ActiveCampaign, our sales, marketing, and customer support teams are much more aligned and productive," says Miguel Horta Camacho, digital marketing specialist at Dalton. 



Camacho adds: "Thanks to having a complete view of the customer and pipeline automation, our sales team is spending less time cold calling, and more time with the leads most likely to close. The conversations they're having with customers are much more informed, which makes for a better experience for our customers.”

In addition, Camacho notes, the team's productivity has “doubled with ActiveCampaign." 



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