Norton Rebrands To Dominate Very Crowded Space

Cybersecurity has become one of the most crowded and in-demand services, as more businesses and consumers rely on digital services.

NortonLifeLock on Wednesday announced a new promise for the Norton brand along with an upgraded identity to match its ambitions.

The shift signals a stronger commitment to become the “digital ally” to consumers, keeping them safe as they live their daily lives online and offline.

“There’s so much of your life online that there’s no longer a division,” said Krista Todd, CMO at Norton. “People are worried about becoming a victim of cybercrime, and they don’t know how to protect themselves, so when companies depict fear-mongering and darkness, the consumer doesn’t see the positive part of living your digital life.”

The rebrand focuses on simplicity to help consumers understand how to protect themselves.  Some 58% of people say they are more concerned today about becoming a victim of cybercrime, according to 2021 Norton Cyber Safety Insights Report. More than half of consumers have experienced a cybercrime, with around one in three falling victim to it in the past 12 months.

The research was conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of NortonLifeLock among 10,030 adult, age 18 and older, in 10 countries. The survey was fielded February 15 through 28, 2021.

The brand’s message, with a new website and influencer campaigns that highlight “digital living on the bright side,” will be integrated into the advertising planned for 2022. Media buys will include time on television, search advertising, social networks, and more.

“We have a campaign running today that’s called Opt-in To Cyber Safety, which is a play on making tradeoffs,” Todd said. “In the digital world, you shouldn’t need to make tradeoffs.”

The campaign highlights a truth that everyone can relate to -- getting access to what consumers want online, when we want it, we may be asked to make tradeoffs that aren’t always the safest.

NortonLifeLock has a free option, for those who cannot or do not want to pay for security.

The cybersecurity or cyber-safety space is crowded. Speaking at the company’s Ignite 2021 conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said cybersecurity continues to become the number one threat to the digital transformation that companies continue to experience, and one of the top risks to businesses in general.

“Think about the amount of change that our IT and cyber operations had to go through as every business process became remote,” he said. “Cybercrime is costing $6 trillion annually. That’s expected to increase to $10 trillion in 2025.”

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