TikTok Expands To TVs Across The Globe

With at least one billion active users, TikTok’s endless flow of mobile short-form videos has already captured the shortened attention spans of people across the globe. Now it looks like TikTok will embrace a bigger screen: TV, across a range of screens. It is also the first out-of-home video service TikTok has signed on with. 

On Wednesday, TechCrunch was the first to report TikTok’s deal with Atmosphere, a provider of licensed and curated video content for commercial venues including bars, restaurants, gyms, and doctor's offices.

It is also the first out-of-home video service TikTok has signed on with.

Many of Atmosphere's viral video compilations are assembled with footage from YouTube. People are likely to see them while in a Westin hotel room, or eating at any Taco Bell or Texas Roadhouse –– a few of their clients.

According to Atmosphere's recent statement, its business footprint has doubled over the past year to 19,000 venues worldwide. With this quick expansion, it claims to reach over 20 million unique visitors per month.

With this deal, it's easy to see how TikTok's massive popularity could stretch even farther.

While waiting for a beer or burger, or an eye exam, people will be be able to view original TikTok content -- compiled and edited together with a scannable QR code embedded in each clip.

New venues and additional screen time will provide TikTok creators with new exposure to a wider audience. This may be a good reason for agencies and brands who work with influencers to finally expand to TikTok if they have not already

Leo Resig, CEO and co-founder of Atmosphere, believes this is a valuable opportunity for advertisers that may be having an increasingly hard time connecting with TV audiences.

As our viewing habits continuously shift, it's not difficult to imagine a future world in which all of our social media feeds will be seamlessly called up on our television screens. TikTok seems to be taking the industry in a new direction, further stabilizing themselves as leaders in global entertainment.

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