Validity Upgrades Solution For Helping Salespeople Access Data

An updated tool that helps sales teams avoid the tedium of manually searching for data was unveiled on Tuesday by Validity. 

The solution, GridBuddy Connect (formerly GridBuddy Cloud), consolidates data from multiple sources in one view, allowing users to access and edit data from different places based on individual roles, the company says.

The new features include multi-object in-line editing, expansive grid search, and strengthened ability to generate grids from Salesforce configurations. 

Validity has expanded its support for Salesforce data, and for Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, OData and Zendesk.

Sales representatives have often had to toggle between dozens of CRM tabs to get an incomplete view of vital information, the company notes. 

Moreover, the systems are rarely integrated, and information can be lost due to human error or slow processing. 

In contrast, GridBuddy Connect is a spreadsheet-simple tool that consolidates data from multiple sources, facilitating connections across disparate teams, the company says.



“Gridbuddy Connect allows us to expand the universe of people we can help become more productive with their data,” states Chris Hyde, global head of data solutions at Validity. “Now you can bring your data together across multiple Salesforce, Dynamics 365, SAP, OData and Zendesk instances, and truly unify that data in one succinct view.”



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