Consumers Will Trade Data For Personalized Offers: Merkle

Most consumers will share their data in return for relevant offers, according to Merkle’s Q1 2022 Customer Engagement Report, released this week. 

Of those polled, 86% of consumers are likely to trade their data to receive personalized offers based on their interests and browsing or purchase history.

In addition, 90% of consumers will share more data if they have a positive experience with a brand. But 70% expect something in return.

“Our study shows that consumers are increasingly aware of what personal data they are sharing with brands and have a heightened sense of the value exchange that they receive,” states Michael Komasinski, global CEO at Merkle.

"Brands need to continue to up their game on the customer experiences that they create and be strategic with how data drives value for consumers in both to known and unknown interactions along a customer journey," Komasinski says.

Merkle, part of Dentsu, is a firm focused on customer experience management (CXM).

Merkle surveyed 2,000 U.S. consumers at the end of 2021. 




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