Invidi Starts National Addressable TV Platform

Addressable advertising-technology company Invidi is starting up a new ad platform, Conexus, that will enable programmers to more easily execute national addressable advertising campaigns across multiple pay TV providers.

Two initial pay TV distributors include DirecTV and Dish Network, representing around 15 million U.S. TV homes. Invidi represents 19 million “active” addressable TV homes and serves 26.5 million households overall.

Bruce Anderson, co-chief executive officer and global chief technology officer of Invidi, tells Television News Daily the company expects that by the end of the year, all Invidi customers will be "under the Conexus umbrella," adding: “One of our other major customers is not technically ready yet, but they will be added in due time."

Invidi says the new platform allows programmers to enter campaign details just once using Conexus’ interface or through an existing order-management system. Marketers can then select distributors for deployment.



The platform offers information including inventory, audience, scheduling, assets, and impressions, as well as “permission-based” access to cross-distributor monitoring, performance, and attribution.

The company says Conexus is a “bridge” to other addressable distribution systems, offering interoperability with other distributors and third parties as well as supporting traditional spot-based ad placement.

Of the estimated 50 million total U.S. addressable TV homes, Conexus will be able to initially access more than 20 million homes.

Addressable TV technology allows advertisers to selectively segment TV audiences and serve different ads or advertising pods within a common program or navigation screen.

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