Video Collaboration, Baidu Global And Microsoft's Xandr Get Together

Baidu Global Business Unit on Thursday announced MediaGo, its artificial intelligence integrated marketing platform, will collaborate with Xandr, a data-enabled technology ad platform.

The business now operates independently under the name DO Global. It is responsible for Baidu's international products and services for markets outside of China. The ad platform MediaGo is focused on Chinese advertisers looking to reach overseas users.

“At MediaGo, we continually focus on improving our advertisers’ ad performance by helping them reach high value, large scale and audience focused inventory across the open internet, further enhancing their ability to reach higher ROI and better marketing results,” stated Elaine Hu, head of U.S. strategy and partnership at Baidu’s Global Business Unit. “To further this goal, we are excited to partner with Xandr across international markets, broadening the opportunities for our full funnel marketers to reach the right audiences, across different touch points.”



Through the integration, MediaGo’s global advertisers, marketers and brands now have access to premium, brand-safe display and native ad inventory from Xandr’s marketplace, with video formats on the roadmap.

The MediaGo platform offers targeting options by ad format, application, country, and more. It offers customization to designate certain apps for the campaigns.

The service will become initially available through Xandr’s Monetize SSP publishers in the U.S., but the companies said that the relationship will expand in the coming months to include premium publisher inventory across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.

Microsoft in December 2021 announced entering into an agreement with AT&T to acquire Xandr, which provides a data-enabled technology platform with tools that help marketers and media owners connect with consumers through first-party, data-led advertising solutions across its network.

On Wednesday Xandr announced a partnership with Scibids, a provider of artificial intelligence tools for digital marketing that will integrate into Xandr’s demand side platform (DSP) using the company’s Data Science Toolkit. 

The goal, provide Xandr’s Invest DSP clients frictionless access to advanced technology that tailors buying strategies and deepens insights. 

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