Innocean Named AOR For Fintech Brand Greenbox

Fintech company GreenBox has appointed Innocean USA as its first advertising and branding agency of record. The selection came after an informal review.

Innocean has been tasked with building global awareness of GreenBox’s capabilities, products and services via an upcoming communications plan and branding campaign. 

GreenBox is promoting its proprietary blockchain ledger and smart contract token technologies.  Its recently hired (among others) Chief Marketing Officer Jacqueline Reynolds, a global marketing veteran with both brand and agency experience.

“The process Innocean laid out is exactly what I had in mind for our brand work” said Reynolds. “We expect bold, riveting, relevant and innovative creativity as we expand to a global footprint, catapulting us to the next level in the category.” 

GreenBox is working to expand its presence in markets across the UK, Europe and Asia.



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