Google Lets Users Limit Seeing Several Ad Types On YouTube And Display

Google will give those using its services the option to see several types of ads less often, through a global expansion of user controls initially introduced in December 2020.

Previously, users could only limit alcohol and gambling ads on YouTube in the United States.

The feature was rolled out in Ad Settings for YouTube Ads.

The new option, announced Thursday, limits ads related to the topics of pregnancy and parenting, dating, and weight loss on YouTube and display on the Google Display Network.

Those using Google’s services can find the option in the Ad Settings under the Google Account dashboard. 

“People want more control over their ads experience, including blocking ads or categories they prefer not to see,” Karin Hennessy, group product manager for ads privacy, wrote in a post. “Providing transparency and control has always been a priority for us, so we’re expanding our tools, enabling the choice to see fewer pregnancy and parenting, dating, and weight loss ads.”

It’s important to note that Google has limited the number of ads in these categories. The company did not eliminate them.

Those visiting YouTube and other services will see fewer of these ads.

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