Validity And Red Sift Partner To Help Brands With DMARC Compliance

Validity has formed a data partnership with Red Sift to help brands comply with Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC).

Validity provides tools that allow firms to manage and monitor their DMARC policy. Red Sift automates DMARC and BIMI processes.

As part of the arrangement, Validity will provide data feeds to enhance Red Sift’s ability to monitor brand spoofing and phishing for customer domains as they relate to DMARC and brand protection solutions.

For its part, Red Sift will deliver domain-based reputation signals for trusted domains and an anonymized list of domains. In addition, Red Sift will supply IP Reputation signals such as aggregate rejected IPs.

Validity notes that poor data quality prevents email marketers from peak execution of their campaigns. And it provides an opportunity for bad actors to damage companies’ domain reputation. 

Validity customers will derive “added confidence in their compliance with DMARC and access to new insights in their email campaigns,” states Tom Bartel, senior vice president, data services at Validity.



In turn, “Validity’s reputation data feeds will give our customers a more complete picture of their email campaign performance and prevent brand spoofing and phishing,” says Chuck Swenberg, senior vice president of strategy at Red Sift.

Validity recently acquired MailCharts, a platform that empowers email marketing teams to plan ecommerce campaigns and manage lifecycle journeys.

Earlier this year, Red Sift raised $54 million in Series B funding, bringing its total financing to $69.8 million. 


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