LinkedIn To Show Less Low-Quality Content, Polls Used As Bait In Feed

LinkedIn plans to reduce the visibility of some types of content in feeds such as polls, taking steps to reduce the amount of this content -- especially from people the user doesn't know.

The company also will reduce the incidence of low-quality content such as baiting tactics that ask for or encourage engagement. These are posted with the exclusive intent of boosting reach on the platform.

Sometimes this content can be misleading. LinkedIn promises to not promote this type of content and encourages the community to focus on reliable, credible and authentic content.

The hope is that more members using the service will share “vibrant” and “inspirational” stories and insights related to personal challenges and breaking news.
The company said it will build on last year’s changes to create more personalized and relevant experience in LinkedIn feeds. 

Linda Leung, director of product management at LinkedIn, explained in a post on Thursday that the company will give users a way to report what they don’t want to see.

The three dots of any post enable LinkedIn users to tell the platform to reduce the content in their feed from a certain creator or author, or topic, or if specific content might go against its Professional Community Policies through a new “I don’t want to see this” option.

LinkedIn is testing several options in the United States. Another feature allows members to reduce the amount of political content in their feed -- a step LinkedIn took after hearing that many members see too much of this content.

“We may further develop the feature and expand it to more regions and languages,” she wrote.

Posts that encourage positive conversations and engaging discussions are those that many find helpful to career growth and development.

Leung highlighted the changes to the algorithms that allow people to see more targeted activity from people specifically in someone’s network, rather than from someone they have never met.

People also want to hear from thought leaders, industry experts, and creators who talk about things relevant to careers and everyday work. LinkedIn will launch more ways to follow people throughout the feed, and ensure users see conversations from those who matter.

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