Horizon Diversifies Again, Moves Into 'Experiential Transformation Space'

Horizon Media continues to expand its media services portfolio moving into digital "experiential" media with the acquisition of First Tube, a company specializing in distributing digital brand "experiences" across digital channels.

While the term "experiential" can be semantic, including in-person, digital and even virtual brand experiences, Horizon describes its new offering as "hybrid digital experiential marketing."

"The pandemic created a quickly evolving marketing landscape - pushing brands to shift away from IRL ('in real life') touch points to digital experiences and forcing them to rethink experiential marketing overall," the agency said in a statement announcing the acquisition.  



Launched in 2017, First Tube focuses on what it calls the “experiential transformation space," combining "performance media" with "experiential."

“Not only does the acquisition broaden our creative and innovative solutions, it’s also truly symbiotic – both Horizon and First Tube benefit from each other’s expertise,” said Donnie Williams, EVP/Chief Digital Officer, Horizon Media.

“Coming on the heels of launching our metaverse- and Web3-focused unit, Chapter & Verse, earlier this month, this move significantly strengthens Horizon’s position as we guide clients into web3 and the metaverse, while giving First Tube a foothold in the metaverse itself," Horizon Chief Digital Officer Donnie Williams added in a statement.

The video above shows an example of a series of experiences First Tube created for GrubHub.

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