Acoustic Debuts No-Code Hyper-Personalization Platform

Acoustic Marketing Cloud has launched a platform that it says can help brands conduct hyper-personalized communications via email and other channels.   

The new tool, Multichannel Composer, features a drag-and-drop interface that eliminates the need for developer support. It is useful in both traditional and emerging channels, including email, SMS, MMS and WhatsApp. 

The firm seeks help brands “engage with consumers through a privacy-first, multichannel approach to boost brand awareness, loyalty and grow customer lifetime value,” says Dennis Self, CEO of Acoustic.  

According to the company, Multichannel Composer provides these features:

  • Personalized content at scale 
  • Expanded multichannel engagement
  • Zero-code composer
  • Forms for privacy-first personalization
  • Self-serve segmentation 

Acoustic points out that many brands are constrained by a siloed approach that fails to deliver seamless experiences across channels. 

Lakeland, a UK-based seller of kitchenware and home goods, found that Multichannel Composer helped its team to be more "efficient and effective by giving us the ability to seamlessly manage campaign creation in-house, without relying on outside design or coding resources,” said Mary Ruxton, direct marketing manager of Lakeland.

Ruxton adds, “With the drag-and-drop capability, we can quickly and easily create campaigns with our existing team.” 

Acoustic Marketing Cloud delivers over 120 billion personalized messages each year to consumers worldwide.



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