Tailwind Adds Email Creation To Its Tools For SMBs

Marketing software platform Tailwind has added email to its subscription plans.

Email marketing will be integrated with Tailwind’s existing tools that support social content generation and scheduling within Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

The firm has added “email creation and publishing to the offering so users can manage distribution on their most important channels from within our platform,” states Daniel Maloney, CEO and co-founder of Tailwind. 

The new tool will allow users to manage their email list, create campaign emails personalized to their brand and build email automation workflows alongside their social media campaigns, relieving SMBs of the stress of managing the channel, the firm says. 

“We’ve found that a few repeated patterns really hurt small business success, including prioritizing just one or two marketing channels, not having a clear strategy or system, and struggling with the creative elements of marketing,” says Paul Yokota, lead product manager at Tailwind. “Email marketing is no exception.”

VisualsSpeak uses Tailwind to simplify the many tools it uses. 

“Without it, it’s complicated so I don’t send as many marketing emails as I should,” says Christine Martell, founder of VisualsSpeak.



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