SOCi Inc Named Charleys Cheeseteaks' Global Platform Of Record For Local Marketing

Charleys Cheeseteaks named SOCi Inc its global platform of record for localized marketing.

The restaurant chain chose SOCi's platform as a social-media management solution, since it easily lets it post and promote content to more than 600 local Facebook pages. 

The tools include SOCi's Social, Ads PLUS, an Boost PLUS, cliaming Charleys has upped its average weekly Facebook page reach over 27% with a 255% increase in local Facebook page reach year-over-year.

Brian Hipsher, CMO of Charleys, said: "With the SOCi platform, our team has been able to save time on digital marketing efforts while still seeing impactful results, allowing us to get the most out of our investment."

The franchise added 63 new locations in 2021 and  plans to add up to 200 more in 2022.



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