Fall Season Program Promotions: More Airings, But Lower Impressions In September

Although TV networks have committed more airings and media time for their new fall season TV premieres, they collectively realized 3% lower impressions in September, totaling 94 billion versus the same month a year ago, according to iSpot.tv.

This year, TV networks ran 562,381 program promo airings versus 543,013 airings a year ago.

iSpot estimates media time placed on networks value and paid advertising totaling $652.5 million -- up 8% versus $602.2 million for September versus the same period a year ago.

The biggest push for shows in September came with NBC’s new show “Quantum Leap” (1.8 billion impressions) and Fox’s new drama “Monarch” (1.6 billion). Returning shows are also getting a big push, including NBC’s “La Brea” (1 billion); Fox’s “The Cleaning Lady” (947.3 million); and ABC’s “Abbott Elementary” (898.1 million).



Just like last year, the big broadcast TV networks got the most impressions for that program messaging on NFL football and college football -- highly viewed TV series.

CBS garnered 8.1 billion impressions, followed by ABC with 5.2 billion, NBC at 4.8 billion, Fox at 3.1 billion and ION with 2.6 billion.

Among major cable networks, TLC garnered 3.3 billion impressions, with Investigation Discovery coming in at 3.3 billion, Hallmark Channel at 2.3 billion, HGTV 2.1 billion and TBS at 1.9 billion.

Although overall TV industry impressions slipped -- particularly among cable TV networks -- major broadcast networks made gains from a year ago, with Fox up 10%, ABC 8% higher, CBS up 6% and NBC 2% higher.

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