Google Reduces Need For Technical Expertise, Intros Tag Integration Into CMS

Google on Wednesday introduced features to its website tag that further reduce the technical expertise required to analyze and measure performance on each website page.

Introduced in August, the Google tag was developed to make it easier for brands to set up and manage tags without technical expertise or a tag management platform like Google Tag Manager.

The North Face uses Google Tag Manager 360 to gain customer insights from data that the company says influences everything from future campaigns to product offerings and website design.

Announced this morning to improve measurement accuracy, the Tag coverage summary, which is one of the new features, makes suggestions on the pages that the brand should add the tag, and keeps track of all the pages in which the Google tag has been implemented.

The company suggests that marketers use tagging across all website pages.

If the suggestions do not include all of the website pages, marketers can add the URLs by entering them or uploading a CSV file. Google suggests clicking the Tag Assistant icon next to each page to determine whether the tags are implemented properly.

In the coming weeks, businesses and advertisers will find the Google tag capabilities directly integrated into Google Ads and Google Analytics, which the company says should provide a more centralized and intuitive experience. These new features will make it faster and easier to set up conversion measurement.

Customers using content management systems or website builders will have an option to install a new Google tag across the website without making manual changes to the site’s code.

It is also possible to reuse an existing gtag.js or create a new Google tag to deploy without making changes to the website code. This can now be done directly in the customer management system (CMS) in the Ads and Analytics account setup.

For those still using Universal Analytics, now is the time to make the move to Google Analytics 4. Google announced that 360 Universal Analytics properties will stop processing “hits” on July 1, 2023. 

With the new CMS integration, Google aims to integrate tags without code, enabling them to set up a successful measurement strategy, without the infrastructure of a marketing team.

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