6sense Debuts B2B Email Tool And Other Solutions

B2B marketing platform 6sense has unveiled several enhancements during its 6senseBreakthrough event, including a hyper-personalized email tool. 

The new email offering, Conversational Email, combines AI models, including GTP-3, and pre-intent data based on psychographic and technographic information, intent data, and predictive analytics. 

Brands testing Conversational Email in beta reported 50% reduced deal cycle time, a 1.5x increase in average deal size and $900,000 of new pipeline generated in four weeks, the firm says. 

One user in beta was Marathon Health.  

“To scale our business, we needed an interconnected tech stack that allowed us to automate many sales and marketing tasks while also significantly advancing our capabilities,” says Troy Purdue, director of growth marketing at Marathon Health. Since implementing marketing strategies based on 6sense data, Purdue says, the company has seen a 211% increase in bottom-of-the-funnel accounts, generating $66 million "in net new pipeline attributed directly to marketing activities.”

"It's imperative to leverage AI along with pre-intent data, intent data, and predictive analytics to know which accounts are in market to buy your product or service, when and how to target them, and what messages to deliver to best engage," says Jason Zintak, 6sense CEO.

6sense also announced data enhancements in its Sales Intelligence capabilities one year after its acquisition of Slintel. While individual capabilities are now available, the full integrated application will launch in Q1 2023. 

The goal is to bring “industry-leading intent data, contact data, and AI insights to help sellers efficiently identify priority prospects, personalize their interactions, and take timely action with ease to drive meetings and conversion of pipeline to revenue," says Amar Doshi, senior vice president of product & UX at 6sense.

Another tool is 6sense Contextual Advertising. Announced earlier this year, it allows B2B marketers to reach buyers on pages with the appropriate context.   

6sense Contextual Advertising maintains user privacy by targeting audiences without using behavioral or data profiles while eliminating wasted ad spend. 

6sense seeks to be a leader in the RevTech Revolution with its Revenue AI tool, which it says helps brands unite sales and marketing teams.


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