Inbox Insight Used Bombora To Gain Long-Term Data Insights Into Behavioral Changes

Inbox Insight, a business-to-business (B2B) demand-generation specialist, worked with Bombora to leverage more intent data to support clients into its model.

This means overlaying intent data to ensure predictive targeting. The removal of cookies eliminates cross-sight tracking, making it more important to see the changes in behavior long-term -- especially in B2B.

Dan Smith, head of campaign strategy at Inbox Insight, has worked on this process for three to four years, using the company’s product to access B2B intent data. “It’s a great resource to reach companies in market for specific products or researching specific keywords,” he said. “It’s a way to help our clients with demand-generation campaigns.”

The keywords and intent data are related to company and product names. Beyond users just googling the name of the business or product name, it offers the ability to see the data around the research for a specific company name and a product during a 12-week window, for example. This makes the data predictive.



Inbox Insight uses three of Bombora’s products: Company Surge, Digital Audiences, and Planning & Measurement Suite.

“We’ve made good use of Company Surge, but we can see more potential in the product,” he said, pointing to intelligence reports and the ability to use the insights across more campaigns. This will require more training for employees.

Bombora works with more than 5.000 publishers — all direct relationships across the internet. This includes companies in accounting, law, finance, and technology, as well as some of the bigger news sites like Bloomberg, Forbes, and Business Insider.

The technology identifies where business professionals work and what they read about. The two data points are combined.

The technology does not identify individuals, but the number of individuals at a company reading more about a specific topic. That data point creates the trigger and predictive insight that someone at that company is preparing to make a purchase.

CEOs do not make these types of buying decisions. The decisions are made by buying committees — groups of people.

Inbox Insight outperformed its customer’s expectations, bringing in 859 Marketing Qualified Leads -- contacts that requested at least two pieces of content within just two months. The company also helped its customer drive a 32% boost in relevant research, and saw interest in its customer’s service areas increase by 34.9% while the campaign was running.

Using Bombora’s Planning and Measurement Suite, Inbox Insight showed an unnamed customer that during the previous year, 47.9% of the companies on its prospect list had shown interest in the topics related to its services.

“We also demonstrated that most of this interest came from companies with more than 5,000 employees — a great thing to know,” he said. “We saw an uptick against the client’s keywords, so we could compare before and after.”

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