Streaming Rises To 36.9% Share Of Viewing, Broadcast Also Rises With New Season

Nielsen's The Gauge results for September continue to show strong gains for streaming viewership -- adding nearly two percentages points from August to a commanding,  leading 36.9% share among persons two years of age and older.

Cable viewing is now at 33.8% -- dipping almost a full percentage point -- from 34.5% in August.

Broadcast viewing grew -- largely due to the new TV season programming -- to a 24.2% share from a 22.1% share.

Nielsen says broadcast showed the highest month-over-month increase -- 12.4%, driven by a 222% surge in sports viewing, which included NFL viewing.

Still, on a year-over-year basis, total broadcast viewing volume was down 7.1%.

Nielsen says television usage as a whole was up 2.4% in September compared to August.



YouTube (including YouTube TV) continues to grow and is now the top streaming platform -- at a 8.0% share, up from 7.6% in August.

Netflix, which was tied with YouTube last month, dipped to 7.3% from 7.6%.

Hulu (including Hulu Live) also had a record high share -- 3.8%. It now sits in third place behind Netflix.  Amazon Prime Video (in fourth place) stayed at a 2.9% share versus the month before. Year-over-year “The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power” and “Thursday Night Football” drove a 34.7% viewing gain. 

HBO Max had a 1.3% share, and was up year over year usage by 10% from large viewing of “House Of The Dragon” and “Game Of Thrones.”

In September, Nielsen said Pluto TV, a free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) service, became the first FAST service to cross the 1% share mark. 

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