Brands Must Diversify Their Tactics To Make Up For Loss Of Cookies: Study

Google is planning to phase out cookies, and 41% of brands say this will leave them unable to track data. 

They have no choice but to diversify their marketing tactics, according to 2023 Digital Marketing Trends, a study by Brandwatch. 

For instance, 23% of marketers plan to invest more in email marketing software, the study reports. 

Another option is to “exploit cutting-edge AI tools to predict how people will respond to your content without burning the budget tactics outside of digital advertising can help to fill the gap left by a lack of third-party cookies.”

Case in point: Lush, the cosmetics brand. Lush quit Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. “Instead, they’re encouraging their audience to spend time elsewhere, in order to gain more from their time on social,” the study says.



In addition, the company is “growing its YouTube presence, using Twitter for customer care, working on valuable email newsletters, and being inspirational on Pinterest.” 

Brandwatch advises brands to do the following as cookies disappear:

  1. Focus on keeping the attention of your audience — This means that brands “will need to provide true value via their content.”
  2. Shift your focus to account for mental health within your social strategy — This can help consumers “create a safe space for when they are ready to return to the platform. Equally, consumers are likely to associate your content with a positive message, which reflects well on the brand.
  3. Build strong relationships with your customers — Brands should “keep your messaging consistent across your social media channels to reap the benefits.”


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