Bankrate's Use Of AI To Write Content Stirs SEOs, Google

Bankrate has gained attention among search engine optimization (SEO) specialists and Google for its use of artificial intelligence (AI) to write content, after Tony Hill, founder of a couple of startups living in Nashville, brought attention to the company’s progress in the use of AI.

Hill tweeted that “one of the largest finance sites on the web has now started using AI to write some of its content. A big moment in web publishing and #SEO.”

The screenshot in the tweet shows a blurb that reads "this article was generated using automated technology and thoroughly edited and fact-checked by an editor on our editorial staff."

As more companies use AI to create content and copy, Google's Search Liaison reminded the SEO community about Google's position on that type of AI-generated content, tweeting: “For anyone who uses *any method* to generate a lot of content primarily for search rankings, our core systems look at many signals to reward content clearly demonstrating E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness).”



AI can determine the effectiveness of brands' copy for any type of content.

Marbyl is the first technology developed by Treegoat Media, which describes its technology as unlocking the value of content trapped in long-form media.

Marbyl uses AI to help podcasters create more interesting podcast content, as well as to help listeners find podcasts based on subjects discussed. 

The technology, the company claims, detects content subjectivity and provides an objective evaluation that is disassociated from any preconceptions and individual biases. 

The company partnered with VoiceBot.AI to publish the results of a study conducted using AI to evaluate famous speeches from the last century.

Here are some examples:

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I have a dream’ speech set the benchmark for excellence
  • TED Talks tend to be more interesting than every other speech type
  • Political speeches after 1985 used more subjectivity and are twice as interesting as those prior to 1985
  • The more subjective the language, the more interesting the speech


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