L'Oreal ANZ Taps Tech Stack To Distribute Targeted Information On Google, Facebook, TikTok

L’Oréal ANZ, a multibillion-dollar cosmetic giant, chose Productsup’s product-to-consumer (P2C) software to drive down costs and enhance its omnichannel strategy in Australia and New Zealand.

The partnership will assist L'Oréal ANZ aims to deliver accurate and relevant product information about its 31 makeup, hair, fragrance, skincare, and sun protection brands, across numerous selling and marketing channels, accelerating the company's go-to-market strategy in the Asia-Pacific region.

“L’Oréal was looking for a solution that could scale, given all the complexities they have as a big brand,” says Marcel Hollerbach, co-founder and CIO at Productsup. “They also were looking for global support.”

Hollerbach points to TikTok as the latest channel that began working with Productsup, and said Facebook’s Reels could be next.

He co-founded the company with two friends about 12 years ago to work with retailers and brands on Google Shopping. That support, syndicating products across multiple channels for some of the top brands worldwide, spread to Facebook, eBay and other platforms.



Productsup provides L’Oréal Australia and New Zealand with more control of its product data to drive down costs and fuel growth, according to Hollerbach. L’Oréal manages their product catalog data with the Productsup platform.

“Think of the product catalogs as an Excel sheet that contains all the information around the product such as weight, availability, and images,” he says. “The quality of the product data is one of the biggest drivers of success. It is all relevant around click-through rate, ad spend and more. Having them in control, economically, makes a big difference.”

There is also a cost of operating and integrating with all these channels. In the past decade, the brands that entered ecommerce as another channel began to generate point-to-point solutions, but it led often to a fragmented tech stack.

Hollerbach said integration leads to reduce cost and create more efficiencies.

Productsup began working with L’Oréal the first quarter in 2022. With 31 makeup, hair, fragrance, skincare, and sun protection brands within its portfolio, L’Oréal ANZ has a huge volume of diverse product information that it needs to keep accurate and distribute across various marketing and selling channels.

Productsup’s P2C platform enables L’Oréal ANZ to gain complete visibility of its product feeds and automate manual processes, providing the control and agility needed to manage a strong omnichannel brand presence regardless of the channel.  

Hollerbach says the company is also looking into efficiency gains using artificial intelligence.

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