TV Viewers Want Ads To Be 'Entertaining' - And Deliver 'Value', Study Finds

While TV viewers still don’t want to see many TV ads in the shows they watch, it's more important for them to see higher forms of “entertaining” advertisements.

The desire to see "entertaining" ads scored 60% in a research panel of 1,316 persons 18 years and older in response to the statement: “I would avoid TV ads less often if... they were more entertaining.” The second-highest preference among respondents was if advertising “offered value in return” -- at 53%.

These results come from a new study from media agency Magna's research division Magna Media Trials and streaming app distributor Roku.

Farther down the list was the ongoing issue of seeing too many ads. Forty-two percent of this panel said they would avoid TV ads less often if there were “fewer ads.”

“It is important to recognize that viewers can easily skip over advertising, but our study found they are less likely to do so if the ads are as entertaining as the programming and present a more enjoyable experience,” said Kara Manatt, executive vice president and managing director, intelligence solutions, Magna, in a press release.

More younger viewers 18-34 gave a positive response when asked whether they want more “entertaining” TV commercials, at 60%. Next was 35-54 viewers, at 59%, followed by viewers 55 years and older, at 53%.

In response to the question of what brands could offer viewers in terms of “value,” young viewers registered a positive 58%, compared to 52% for viewers 35-54 and 47% for those 55 years and older.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, January 20, 2023 at 4:48 p.m.

    Wayne, it's amazing that anyone would conduct a study that is certain to come up with such predictable answers. The problem is that these vague generalities tell us little---very little---about how viewers will react to various commercials in various program breaks under various ad clutter situations on a case by case basis---which is how advertisers think---it's their specific case that matters. Of course viewers will say they want more "entertaining" commercials---especially younger consumers. And many will also say that they want commercials to supply  useful information about products that are "relevant" to them. And who is going to turn down an offer of "value" in a commercial?

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