Viewers Confirm Influence Of 'Tune-In' Ads

Three-quarters of U.S. consumers 18 to 64 agree that seeing an ad for a show on TV makes them more likely to watch it, according to a survey by DirecTV. 

In addition, 76% say seeing a “tune-in” ad on TV inspires them to do more research on a show, and 64% say it makes them want to tell their friends about the show. 

The survey of 3,000 was conducted in January on an age- and gender-balanced sample of consumers who watch at least an hour of TV and/or movies per week, using the Suzy survey platform. (The survey was not limited to DirecTV subscribers.) 

Most of these respondents (70%) reported that they are paying to subscribe to both live TV and streaming on-demand video services. The average number of SVODs reported was four, and 74% said that at least one of their paid subscriptions is ad-supported. 

In regard to factors that drive viewers to watch the next episode of a show, 78% of those who subscribe to both live TV and SVOD services said that seeing the show featured on the home screen of their streaming services is “very influential.” 

The results also confirm the importance of communicating all the options for when and where viewers can watch the show or its next episode is key to effectiveness, as viewers “bounce between their video services and prioritizing which programs they will binge, watch on demand, or watch live,” notes DirecTV. 

Seventy percent said that seeing an ad on their TV screens that reminds them of when and where they can watch an episode is very influential, and 66% said the same about social media ads that communicate those facts. 

Nearly two thirds (61%) reported that they keep track of all of the episodic series they want to watch. On average, they have four to five shows in the queue waiting for their attention once they have time.

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