Foundry Expands B2B Tech Franchise With ABM Tool

Foundry, the media-martech division of IDG Inc., has launched what it says is an account-based sales acceleration product for B2B marketers.  

The new offering, Sales Acceleration, is built on Triblio’s ABM (account-based marketing) orchestration platform. Foundry acquired Triblio in 2019.  

This tool allows sales reps to see account research and buying signals in their territory, and to determine  the best contacts to push directly into Salesloft or Outreach for continued prospecting, Foundry says. 

The insights are powered by Foundry, but sales reps can use the tools they are familiar with to access and action this information. 



“By feeding Foundry Intent insights directly into sellers’ CRMs or Sales Engagement Platforms, reps benefit from knowing who’s in market at that moment, and can dedicate their time to closing the deal; instead of spending hours doing manual research on their accounts,” says Tukan Das, vice president of product management at Foundry. 

“Sellers spend more time in their CRM than any other tool, so anything we can do to fill their CRM with insights that can help them close is a win,” states Jason Rushforth, general manager and senior vice president, Americas for one CRM provider and early adopter, SugarCRM.  

Rushforth adds that Sales Acceleration helps sales representatives close "more deals faster, from right inside their CRM.”



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