Gen X, Gen Z Vary Widely In Their Customer Service Demands, Study Finds

Gen X shoppers demand channel choices and rewarding customer care experiences — more so than their Gen Z counterparts, according to Meeting the demands of the modern consumer, a study by Emplifi.

Of those polled, 60% of Gen X shoppers ranked the attribute, “They talk to you in your language,” as very important, versus 43% of Gen Z consumers. 

In addition, 52% of Gen X consumers said it was very important to contact brands in the way they prefer, compared to 32% of Gen Z shoppers, while 44% of Gen Z consumers were likely to recommend a brand after an authentic customer care experience, compared to 28% of Gen Z shoppers.
Forty-nine percent will buy again from that brand, as opposed to 33% of Gen Z shoppers. 

One trait that both groups share in common is that they will visit one to two websites before making a $20 purchase -- investing 15 minutes of research time.  

In addition, 25% of all consumers are willing to visit 20+ web pages to obtain more information priced at $100.   

Almost all consumers will price items worth $20 on one or more websites, while 55% will visit between three and nine websites when they are spending $100.  

In general, 87% of consumers say that real-life customer ratings and reviews have a great impact on purchasing decisions. The same percentage feel that user reviews are “the most authentic interaction” they have with brands, while and 71% agree that “authentic” positive ratings make a difference.    

Moreover, 77% read three or more user reviews before buying products priced at $20.  

Overall, 48% say the ability for a customer care agent to “talk to you in your language” is the most important factor in demonstrating authenticity. And 75% say authenticity is important to them. 

The findings are based on a December 2022 survey of 2,000 consumers in the U.S. and the U.K.

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