Major Creators Co-Found New Roblox Game Studio, Pixel Playground

Creators are becoming more essential to building out games and attracting users to popular social gaming platforms like Roblox. Now, some creators are using their personal brands to develop original content and push metaverse gaming forward. 

Misfits Gaming Group, a professional esports gaming group based in Florida, has announced the formation of a new Roblox media and game studio called Pixel Playground, bringing on the world’s leading Roblox streamer, Kreekcraft (or Forrest Waldron), as creative director, and MrBeast creator Karl Jacobs as a co-founder.

Together, both creators will help build original Roblox games for over 60 million daily players, in a move that expands their careers and personal brands into the metaverse. 



According to a statement, Jacobs and Kreekcraft (or “Karl and Kreek”) will have creative control over the direction and output of the studio, while Misfits Gaming will provide operational support and tools to promote their idea with fans outside the game, as well as build out collaborations with other Roblox content creators.   

While almost half of Roblox players identified themselves as 13 years or younger, the platform launched new age ratings and guidelines in September, then recently made the decision to restrict advertisements aimed at younger users following a joint complaint filed last August by the FTC and TINA, wich accused Roblox of deceptive marketing. 

Roblox is now attempting to attract older audiences through new game offerings. 

Such is the mission of Pixel Playground, which says it will deliver iconic games designed for players over 13 years of age by “introducing game designs and modes that are tailored to a slightly older demographic,” ultimately serving an audience on the platform that advertisers and brands can legally target.

In addition, according to AdAge, Misfit hopes that the reputations of Waldron and Jacobs, as well as the promise of their direct guidance and promotion of individual channels will draw outside brands to work with the company. 

Pixel Playground stems from the recently launched Misfits Creator Fund, which includes popular team-based game TubNet and creators like QT Cinderella, Hikaru, and AustinShow. Misfits says it is continuing its transition to an “interactive entertainment, lifestyle, and media company” with a focus on “empowering creators that are experts in their field with the tools to bring their ideas to life.”

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