Google Expands Media Buying With Real-Time Bidding Integrations

Google Ads will adopt real-time bidding auctions for apps and will stop responding to multiple calls beginning October 31, 2023.

Google Ads will no longer handle multiple requests for the same advertising impression during the mediation process.

A shift to real-time bidding should enable advertisers to find optimal-priced app inventory to boost competition within the real-time auction, according to David Mitby, director of product management, App Ads at Google.

Google Ads will transition from "waterfall buying for certain multi-call requests," Mitby wrote. "While it’s a common practice for app developers using waterfall mediation, making multiple calls for the same ad impression is not optimal for advertiser performance."

Real-time bidding and prices from all buyers are compared simultaneously in hopes of an efficient auction. The highest offer for the ad impression wins.



AppLovin MAX (Mobile Ad eXchange), Chartboost Mediation, Digital Turbine FairBid, and Unity LevelPlay are part of the group to support Google Ads and Display & Video 360 with AppLovin’s Max -- which in a closed beta became an SDK bidder in the real-time bidding (RTB) unified auction. 

Google became a top bidder on MAX with strong demand and reach. MAX now supports the ability for publishers to set up Google bidding with one click, automatically creating placement IDs within MAX enabling publishers to start monetizing immediately. 

As Google bidding moves into open beta, games publisher Lessmore believes that the performance it sees will prompt a closer working relationship with AppLovin and Google with the goal to scale adoption across its entire app portfolio.

Thousands of apps and hundreds of publishers participated in the closed beta. Now that it’s open, publishers can participate without prior approval.

“Bidding represents the most efficient method to transact media in-app,” Idil Canal, GM of AdTech, AppLovin, wrote in a post. “We are thrilled to continue our long-term partnership with Google as they expand into real-time bidding and drive more value for the world’s top mobile publishers on our platform.”


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