Zendesk Offers Platform To Provide A Personalized Shopping Experience

Zendesk Inc. has launched a platform for connecting brands and shoppers through their digital customer experience journey.  

The new tool, Conversational Commerce, helps firms “create a richer, more dynamic and interactive experience with their customers,” says Adrian McDermott, Zendesk chief technology officer. McDermott notes that “digital is the new storefront.”

To achieve this, Zendesk has deepened its partnerships with Meta’s WhatsApp and Shopify.

The company announced the new product at its Relate conference. 

According to Zendesk, Conversational Commerce facilitates:

- Service personalization: Agents can address abandoned carts, inform customers on stock and share feature promotions, much as brands can within emails. 

- Sales acceleration: Agents can understand a shopper’s complete purchase history, merchandise preferences and browsing journey.

- Unified Data: Brands can use AI to automate conversions and recommendations while accessing SKU, inventory and location data for a full view of the customer. 

“While we’ve seen huge shifts in the way people shop over the past few years, one thing has remained constant -- people prefer to communicate via messaging,” McDermott says. 


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