59% Of Gen Z, 49% Of Millennials Will Give A Brand 3 Chances Before Abandoning It

Strike three and you're out. Sounds like the rules of baseball filtered into ecommerce and brand loyalty -- mainly because great products alone are not enough to keep customers loyal.

It takes products and great customer service. Consumers patience runs thin, with 59% of Gen Z and 49% of Millennials saying they will give a brand a third chance before abandoning it. Some 40% of Generation X and 32% of Baby Boomers are not so generous and give brands fewer chances, according to the study.

Coveo Solutions, which supports the application of artificial intelligence (AI) for enterprises and intelligent search recommendations, has released its 2023 Customer Service Relevance Report. It turns out the findings have some bad news for retailers.



The company commissioned Arlington Research to analyze the online purchase behavior of 4,000 adults across the U.S. and UK age 18 and older who use a computer as part of their work in companies with more than 250 employees. Responses were fielded between January 12 and 25, 2023.

“Ghosting” continues as a trend in 2023. Rather than complain through a phone call to customer service or posting a review online, customers will ghost the brand. Some 55% of respondents -- up from 46% in 2022 -- say they rarely or never complain about a negative digital customer service experience.

About 60% of Gen Z respondents say they rarely or never complain to a company when they have a negative digital customer service experience.

No self-service is better than bad self-service, according to the report, with 50% of respondents saying they would prefer no self-service option if it’s going to be a bad experience. About half say they want to be able to see the actual answer in the search results, not just links, and 46% want more intelligent chatbots.

Some 44% of consumers also want advanced filtering that lets them narrow the search to the exact need, 43% want the ability to search for help within the product, and 33% want recommendations for content that has been helpful to others with a similar problem.

Consumers will abandon a brand for many reasons. Some 53% they will because it’s too difficult to speak with an actual person, 46% say because they often get conflicting information from customer service representatives, and 43% say it’s too difficult to find the information on their own.

Industries with the worst customer service include:;

  • Retail -- 36%
  • Utilities/service providers -- 33%
  • Health insurance -- 29%
  • Technology providers -- 27%
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