Conversica Integrates Its Conversational Platform With Salesforce Marketing Cloud

AI automation platform Conversica has formed a partnership with Salesforce to integrate its Generative AI-driven conversational platform with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

The arrangement will allow brands to engage leads and customers with two-way conversations within email and SMS.

For instance, they can deliver offers, product recommendations, and upsell or cross-sell campaigns in personalized two-way communications, the company says. 

“Now, organizations can nurture leads at the 'mid-funnel' stage by engaging in back-and-forth email and SMS interactions,” says Jim Kaskade, CEO of Conversica.

Kaskade adds that the integration “caters to Salesforce Marketing Cloud users from enterprise organizations and enterprises exploring Generative AI by enhancing their ability to deliver personalized experiences at any point during the buyer's journey.”

Brands using Marketing Cloud can conduct data hygiene, asking for the most relevant contact information and additional questions like, ‘Were you able to find the products you were looking for?," Conversica adds. 

The announcement was made at the Salesforce Connections Conference in Chicago.


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