Google Releases Early Results On AI-Powered Campaigns: Demand Gen And Video View

Google will release two campaign options in the next few months. Both are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and deploy dynamic creative features allowing advertisers to make it easier to drive demand from the middle of the funnel all the way to purchase.

The products -- Demand Gen, and Video View -- were announced at Google Marketing Live earlier this year.

Demand Gen -- scheduled for a global release in beta this August -- was designed for social buyers to find and convert consumers with immersive, relevant, and visual creatives that grab the attention of consumers and promote action in the moment.

Platforms include Gmail, feeds, YouTube, YouTube Shorts, and more. These products reach more than 3 billion monthly users as they stream, scroll, and connect across Google’s platforms.

Demand Gen also aims to make it easier to bring image and video assets into Google Ads and preview how they will look before running. Advertisers also can pair creatives with lookalike segments based on a brand’s audience list.

Optimizing conversions and max clicks bidding allows advertisers to create campaigns based on specific goals, according to Vidhya Srinivasan, vice president and general manager of Google Ads.

He provided an example in which an advertiser may choose to drive conversions with existing customers by offering a discount on a new product line -- or generate demand by driving new lookalike audiences to a site with a special offer to join your brand’s subscription program.

As one of the first Demand Gen advertisers, digital marketing agency Arcane has seen success with an “entirely new perspective.” Anselme Langle, media consultant at Arcane, a Labelium Group company, said “we're now looking beyond performance from format to format and instead comparing it to all social players.”

Video View campaigns run across multiple types of YouTube inventory simultaneously. With this campaign, advertisers will have access to in-stream, in-feed, and YouTube Shorts.

Research shows 87% of consumers believe YouTube helps make purchase decisions faster, according to data from Google and Ipsos.

In another example, Samsung Germany wanted to engage with a target Gen Z audience during the peak holiday season. The company said it “significantly” increased views and achieved “94% incremental reach” while reducing CPMs and generating best-in-class consideration lift. It used Video View campaigns.

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