EDO Offers Creative Rotation Optimization For TV Campaigns

Research and analytics company EDO has launched a creative optimization product that uses real-time creative engagement signals to allow advertisers to reallocate in-flight creative weight with no additional media spend or changes required to a TV campaign’s media footprint. 

Because creative analysis has lacked the timely quantitative analysis needed for immediate creative rotation decisions, campaign optimization efforts have tended to focus on media. 

EDO’s use of decision-science methods allows for more immediate reads of creative wear-in and wear-out, to capture synergies between ad creative and program content and allow for optimal rotations, according to the company.

Creative Rotation Optimization “enables advertisers to identify when ads are hitting their stride, or alternatively, when a campaign’s effectiveness is winding down, unlocking immediate value from creative investments,” said Laura Grover, senior vice president, head of client solutions for EDO.

The solution has been shown to boost campaign performance by up to 20%, according to the company.

“We have found that a data-driven approach quickly improves our view of real-time engagement and ROI from TV advertising,” said Laura Schmidt, senior media director at the University of Phoenix, one of the first advertisers to use the product.

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