AtData Launches Email List Monitoring Tool

AtData has debuted an email list-monitoring tool to help brands stay out of spam traps and maintain security. 

The new solution, List Guard, protects against toxic emails that can hurt an email marketing program and omnichannel targeting. 

The goal is to help firms “take the next step in protecting both the integrity of their first-party data and the success of their email marketing program," says Tom Burke, CEO of AtData.

Burke adds: "We typically see 6% of emails addresses that were originally marked as valid become problematic within the next year, which makes it critical to regularly monitor your email database." 

AtData’s technology is based on roughly 2 billion monthly email activity signals across its network.

In addition, List Guard leverages AtData’s AI-based machine-learning models 

List Guard is an "always-on" solution, identifying email addresses that have become problematic over time, the company claims.

The new tool also protects against honeypots and dangerous domains, it adds. 


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