TechTarget Unveils Enhancements To Its B2B Targeting Platform

TechTarget, Inc. has added several enhancements to its Priority Engine platform, including Salesforce CRM features, for use by B2B marketers.  

The new tools can help tech sales, marketing and RevOps teams utilize TechTarget’s Prospect-Level Intent data, the firm says.

The goal is to provide B2B brands with “deep insight into these buying team and buyer’s journey interactions so they can better capitalize on real demand taking shape in their markets,” says Michael Cotoia, chief executive officer, TechTarget.  

The firm says prospect-level intent is critical for both marketing and sales teams. Email nurture campaigns focused on active buyers and prospect interests pull higher CTRs than cold contact outreach, it adds. 

According to TechTarget, the new capabilities include: 

  • New UI & Navigation — This enables sales reps to monitor changes within accounts, including new buying team members engaging, named prospects and customers researching competitors, or accounts accessing late-stage decision-making content. 
  • Account Journey Visualization — This tool increases seller effectiveness by showcasing the key demand-related activities occurring within each account. 
  • Streamlined User Management & Administration — New usage dashboards provide visibility for more effective onboarding and change management. 
  • Intelligent sync with SFDC to ensure territories are always up to date.
  • New first- and third-party data integration — Users can augment data through standard and custom Salesforce field syncing, increasing accuracy. 
  • New Opportunity Dashboard, directly integrated with Salesforce. 

One client seeking to use the new features is Service Express.

“Using our own Salesforce fields to create target lists, fuel 6sense campaigns with Priority Engine data, and create more accurate sales territories is going to change the game for us, saving us time and significantly improving our workflow,” says Reyni Warsen, ABM Field Specialist, Service Express.

Another is Sales Community.  

“No matter your stack, realizing the value of RevOps sinks or swims based on the accuracy and quality of the intent and contact data – and TechTarget has that in droves,” says Randy Seidel, founder of the Sales Community.  

"The backbone of any successful GTM revenue motion isn’t how many tools you have -- it’s about the insights and data that you’re using in them that unlocks value," Seidel adds.




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