U.S. Streaming Revenues To See 7% Yearly Growth To $75.5B In 2027

As TV and movie production costs and profitability challenges continue to increase, U.S. streaming revenues are still forecast to see 7.2% compounded annual growth through 2027 -- to reach $75.5 billion, according to the new PwC Global Entertainment/Media Report.  

Streaming subscription fee revenues will rise to $36 million in 2027 (from $30 billion this year); with advertising streaming revenues climbing to $33 billion (from $22 billion by the end of 2023). 

Transactional pay-per-view streaming revenues are estimated to remain steady at $6 billion per year over the next four years.

PwC estimates that this year, total streaming revenues will total $58 billion; and $64 million in 2024.

After the U.S, the next biggest streaming global market, according to the report, will be in China, projected to be $25.9 billion by 2027.



The broader digital media picture shows the overall U.S. internet advertising business will reach $277 billion at the end of this year -- growing to a $346 million business by 2027. From 2023-2027 the business will see a 5.8% compounded annual growth rate.

Looking at all U.S. advertising, PwC says that while “growth will slow over the next five years,” the U.S. will retain its position as the largest global advertising market.

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