Streaming Users 'Hopping' Services Up 143% Since 2017, Study Shows

Within a three-month period, U.S. streaming consumers have been increasingly “hopping” between premium streaming apps -- at a rate 143% higher versus five years ago, according to Aluma Insights.

Research from a survey of 1,769 users of streaming services shows that among all streamers, 65% of streaming subscribers hopping around to some extent.

"Moderate" and "heavy hoppers" are those who drop and add around two services over a 12-month period, while "occasional hoppers" drop and add 1.4 services.

Of the moderate and heavy hoppers, 90% have the intent to watch specific content in a short period, typically canceling in the first three months.  



For this study, Aluma says it analyzed nine actions to determine the levels of users dropping and adding services. The most common action was signing up for free trials or promotional pricing and canceling before being charged full price. The least common action was watching a single live sports match and then canceling. 

Aluma segmented adult SVOD buyers into four groups: Non hoppers, occasional hoppers, moderate hoppers, and heavy hoppers.

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