Baidu Builds AI-Ad Platform To Compete With Google As China Releases 70 LLMs

Baidu has debuted QingGe, a marketing platform based on artificial intelligence (AI) that the company says improves ad conversion rates by 20% through automation and prompts developed through natural language.

QingGe has the ability to customize marketing assets and optimize ad targeting strategy all through AI. Early adopters participating in the beta test say ad conversion rates have increased by up to 20%, according to Baidu.

Wang Fengyang, vice president of Baidu and head of the company's mobile eco-business system, said it's about improving ad performance with minimal effort. 

Reducing time through automation is a benefit that advertisers have heard a lot in the past few months. Similar to Google and Microsoft, China’s largest search and technology company is working to integrate AI into all its platforms and tools.



Three features offered QingGe include an increase in accurate media targeting by using one prompt. Marketers input a brief or keywords. QingGe suggests an optimal media buying strategy by pinpointing the target placement of ads and matching the ideal target consumers.

Integrated with AIGC capabilities, QingGe can automatically generate ads based on end-users’ interests and purchase intention extrapolated from search queries. The platform helps to design ads that match each end-user interests, shortening the time to create marketing campaigns from hours to seconds, enhancing efficiency exponentially.

Companies in China have stepped up work with AI. More than 70 large artificial intelligence language models with more than 1 billion parameters have been released in China, Baidu CEO Robin Li told attendees at an industry event in Beijing last week.

QingGe also is optimized to expand and continually integrate the latest AI tools such as QingDuo AIGC Tool Kit. With each AI-based product released by Baidu Marketing, advertisers can access a more complete marketing tool kit on the QingGe platform.

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